Monday, March 3, 2008

Day 25

We have these cool looking red plants around our apartment. . .

- This photo was a 'mistake.' I had it set to F1.4, focused it, and then moved by accident as I snapped. The results were this "water colorey" picture (yes, I'm well aware that is not a real word). The only thing I did on this was my usual levels, curves, and saturation. That silly blurrness is au natural. But I like how it looked.

This is the same plant. Just in different lighting and in focus, well partly anyways.

Today was beautiful! I hope this great weather stays around! I have a "shoot" tomorrow. Hehe I get a kick out of saying that. I feel so cool and sophisticated. If I get the mom's permission, I'll post one or two (hint hint Amber).


C. watkins said...

that first one that is soft...looks just like a painting. Its so beautiful.

Dawn Malone said...

I agree w/ Crissy...That needs to be blown up and displayed. Beautiful!