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Friday, April 18, 2008

69 (Day 1 and 2 in Nashville)

Ummmm, guard dog?

Hannah, and her BFF behind her.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008


^^ That's at a crummy 1600 ISO inside Pirates of the Carribean. I was strictly just playing around. Strictly. ;)

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Friday, April 11, 2008

The JMB Foundation

I thought I would just throw this out there, since I know the majority of my blog peepers are into the minstry of helping me out ;) I thought I would do the good justice of helping you out with this. I need to find a designer to help create a corporate identity, logo, letter head. And I know most of you are all chomping at the bit to do this gratis (that's latin for free darlin'). However, I cannot in good conscience allow you do this just out of the kindess of your heart. But I will take the steepest discount you've ever offered anyone in your entire life. What can I say, I'm so giving. If you would like to inquire about this life changing and ultimately Fun x infinity job please feel free to leave a comment :).

Also, for all you non-graphic designers in web world, more specifically I need to speak with photographers. I would love to come and shoot second with you sometime. I've recently hit that crossroads in photography where you think "do I continue doing this as just a fun hobby for the rest of my life, Or do I jump head first into the great unknown and try to make a career out of this?" Well I took that second path. I'm just at the beginning, but boy is it the most exciting thing I've ever embarked on! So I'm looking to shoot anything and everything, and all that's in between. And if you want someone to come shoot second with you on any event, please don't hesitate to ask! It's a win-win situation. I get valuable experience, and I get to see how a professional works. You get any great shots I get from the shoot. How is that bad? I know you can't think of an answer for that. Because it's awesome!

One last thing I want to mention is The B School Blog. I haven't even gotten through half the videos, and I have learned so much. Valuable information that most photographers would never think to share with anyone, Becker has so happily given away. I am now hooked and will be checking frequently for new videos!


Thursday, April 10, 2008


As a confessed "smack talker" of Riverside, I am really trying my best to find cool tings about it. I'm trying my own subchallenge to the 100 photos per day. I'm trying to take most of those within the confines of my city limits. As a way to remember that God has me here for many reasons I'm sure, and I should appreciate the wonderful comfy place I live in. So today I drove through parts of Riverside I've never been before. Getting completely lost is fun, but God bless my navigator. Her name is Beezus.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I did it! I shot over a hundred photos, and all before lunch time! Woo! I wandered through Chino Hills. And might I say, their hills are beautiful! Covered with flowers :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 60 = Beetlemania!!!

I saw this thing crawling around the sidewalk outside of my apartment. I tried to get a pic before it went into the planter. But now that I am looking at it, I like that the thing ended up there. I tried not to be girly when taking it. But for the ten minutes after I took it I got a case of the heebies and would spaz out thinking Bugzilla was crawling on me.

In other news me and Lily are taking the Missional Photagraphy class at Rock Harbor. It was our first night and I admit I was a bit starstruck sitting in a room with Jessica Claire and Mike Colon. The class is every Tuesday for the month of April. Our homework is to start taking 100 pictures a day! Whew it's a challenge enough taking one! But by the end of the class we'll have taken 3,000 photos. I've seen how much I've grown in just the couple months I've had this blog. I'm excited to see what one month and 3,000 photos will do for me.

Well now I am thinking too much about the bug. I'm quite sure it is going to break into our house and eat me alive while I'm sleeping. If I am salvaged, I will see ya'all tomorrow.


Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 59

Lily. Friends since junior high. (edit: we've known each other since jr. high, but didn't become friends til high school) Thanks for being a good friend, and introducing me to the Once Soundtrack :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Well I have to give it to the CEO's of Monavie. Their marketing department is AMAZING. I was almost ready to buy some! Until I talked to my great friend Amber about it. I wanted her opinion on it, as she is very knowledgable in all things healthy. She asked what the main ingredients were and I said "Acai berry" And she's like "Oooh! You can buy acai juice at Whole foods for like 3 bucks!"

I came home and researched it. Bossa Nova Acai Juice comes in original Acai, or you can have it mixed with mango, blueberry, or raspberry. And not that I didn't trust her, but I looked it up and it's about $2.50-$3.49 a bottle. Also, The Vitamin Shoppe sells 32 oz. bottles of just pure Acai Juice. So as pretty as the Mona Vie bottles are, and as wickedly clever they may be, I will stick to the same thing, in a plastic bottle for lots less :).

Still your happy skeptic,

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Was anyone else experiencing internet problems last night? It wasn't on our end. Maybe some fiber got eaten by a little gopher. It could happen. Well this was the pic I took last night. I am the MOST skeptical person I know when it comes to things like this. I hate trying to be sold things, and I really don't like listening to how much the product sells itself. Because I have never had a conversation with the following; tupperware, a mary kay lip liner, any arbonne product, and collection of scrapbooking supplies, or a bottle. My friend Melissa is selling monavie, and so if my friend Dawn :). So I told Melissa if she gave me a free bottle of this stuff and I ended up becoming one of those great stories used in sales pitches, then I would agree to buy only from her. So we'll see.

I took the first shot this morning. And I really should've had a camera ready. Bleh. It's soo sweet, it's like pomegrante syrup or something. But nothing I can't handle. This bottle is supposed to last about a week. So we shall see.

your favorite skeptic,

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


2 wonderful years of marriage. I never thought another person would bring this much joy to my life. :)