Friday, February 8, 2008

Day 1

Well Miss Dawn Malone has encouraged me to start up one these them thar blogs :) I also decided I might as well start posting a picture a day. From the queen of procrastination and "that can wait til later" we'll see how long this lasts

I took this picture of a naked tree in the parking lot of a strip mall at around 11 pm tonight. We were on our way from visiting some friends in the Limonite area. It might not be a "correct" picture, but I much prefer the artistic "artsy fartsy" to the correct :)


Dawn Malone said...

HAHAHA! Yea! You did it! I can't wait to see all that the Lord has for you and all the awesome pics you will post!

C. watkins said...

This is the beginning of a long and beautiful BLOG! Looking forward to seeing more for sure! It was great seeing you again Jen!

Mariann Gee said...

OK Girlfriend..can't stop now!! Keep it rollin'...Awesome job on the pic.!