Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day 3

We went to Soup Plantation today for lunch. There were 2 of those asian tour buses that were there. 68 kids and 6 adults. That should be against the law. They were running around like mad. I was playing with my F1.4. It's really hard to get used to. I'll post 2 pictures that I took at 1.4. The Ice Cream cone, I feel, would've come out a lot better had I bumped the App. up just a bit so I would lose that glow and Justin would be a little bit more in focus. But I'm glad I'm practicing :)


Dawn Malone said...

Boy that ice cream looks yummy right now.

C. watkins said...

the 1.4 depth of field is a tough one to master for really crisp images. But soft focus works good with soft serve! :)

Mariann Gee said...

Ice cream on a Sundae~~get it !!hehehe