Saturday, February 9, 2008

Day 2

I am muy cansada today, so I decided to wander through my home (it's an apartment, so I can't wander for too long) and I was trying to find something silly to take a picture of. I decided to shoot the heat lamp in my bathroom. I set my camera on auto focus and held it up there to take a couple pics. I was very safe and didn't look into the light. I did, however, glance towards it for about 2 seconds which sent my eyeballs into a crazy spot fiesta. But I'm done and they're better now.



C. watkins said...

I like've transformed an everyday object into art. Good job girl.

Dawn Malone said...

Yes...I agree...I like it, very artsy farsty as you say.:)

Melissa said...

I love this photo I think its great that you can turn everyday items into amazing looking art work..