Saturday, April 5, 2008


Was anyone else experiencing internet problems last night? It wasn't on our end. Maybe some fiber got eaten by a little gopher. It could happen. Well this was the pic I took last night. I am the MOST skeptical person I know when it comes to things like this. I hate trying to be sold things, and I really don't like listening to how much the product sells itself. Because I have never had a conversation with the following; tupperware, a mary kay lip liner, any arbonne product, and collection of scrapbooking supplies, or a bottle. My friend Melissa is selling monavie, and so if my friend Dawn :). So I told Melissa if she gave me a free bottle of this stuff and I ended up becoming one of those great stories used in sales pitches, then I would agree to buy only from her. So we'll see.

I took the first shot this morning. And I really should've had a camera ready. Bleh. It's soo sweet, it's like pomegrante syrup or something. But nothing I can't handle. This bottle is supposed to last about a week. So we shall see.

your favorite skeptic,

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