Sunday, April 6, 2008

Well I have to give it to the CEO's of Monavie. Their marketing department is AMAZING. I was almost ready to buy some! Until I talked to my great friend Amber about it. I wanted her opinion on it, as she is very knowledgable in all things healthy. She asked what the main ingredients were and I said "Acai berry" And she's like "Oooh! You can buy acai juice at Whole foods for like 3 bucks!"

I came home and researched it. Bossa Nova Acai Juice comes in original Acai, or you can have it mixed with mango, blueberry, or raspberry. And not that I didn't trust her, but I looked it up and it's about $2.50-$3.49 a bottle. Also, The Vitamin Shoppe sells 32 oz. bottles of just pure Acai Juice. So as pretty as the Mona Vie bottles are, and as wickedly clever they may be, I will stick to the same thing, in a plastic bottle for lots less :).

Still your happy skeptic,

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