Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 60 = Beetlemania!!!

I saw this thing crawling around the sidewalk outside of my apartment. I tried to get a pic before it went into the planter. But now that I am looking at it, I like that the thing ended up there. I tried not to be girly when taking it. But for the ten minutes after I took it I got a case of the heebies and would spaz out thinking Bugzilla was crawling on me.

In other news me and Lily are taking the Missional Photagraphy class at Rock Harbor. It was our first night and I admit I was a bit starstruck sitting in a room with Jessica Claire and Mike Colon. The class is every Tuesday for the month of April. Our homework is to start taking 100 pictures a day! Whew it's a challenge enough taking one! But by the end of the class we'll have taken 3,000 photos. I've seen how much I've grown in just the couple months I've had this blog. I'm excited to see what one month and 3,000 photos will do for me.

Well now I am thinking too much about the bug. I'm quite sure it is going to break into our house and eat me alive while I'm sleeping. If I am salvaged, I will see ya'all tomorrow.



Nicole Liebgott Photography said...

I hear ya Jen, we are on vacation right now and as soon as I get back I will blog the wedding... Hey have fun with those 3,000 pictures and make sure to blog about it.

JustinB said...

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!